Booking Terms & Conditions


There are three (3) types of Reservations provided by Karma Chalets:
– ‘online’ reservations are those made through the ‘Book Now’ facility on our Website.
– ‘direct’ reservations are those made directly with our Office and can be by email, telephone of fax.
– ‘travel agent’ reservations are those made by the Guest through a third party travel agent who in turn contacts Karma Chalets to make a reservation on behalf of their client / customer. In these cases our contract to supply a Chalet on certain dates / number of people is with the travel agent and not the Guest attending. All changes required to a reservation as to dates, number of people attending and cancellations must be made through the travel agent and not through Karma Chalets.


Check in: 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm or other hours by prior arrangement.
Check out: 10.00 am.
A late check in without prior arrangement or late check out will incur an extra charge.
Please note: For security reasons, ID will be required to be sighted prior to check in.


Karma Chalets implemented a Contact Tracing Register as per the requirements set down by the Western Australian Government. To meet this Register requirement, Karma Chalets will need to collect and hold for 28 days the following details for each Guest aged 16 years and over:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Date and time of arrival

By providing your personal details, you consent to Karma Chalets providing, where requested, your contact details to approved health authorities for the purpose of contract tracing.


Our tourism year is broken into two (2) main periods – Peak and Non Peak.

Peak Periods and Minimum nights of stay
Event Minimum Year 2021/22 Year 2022/23 Year 2023/24
Easter 4 2/4/21 – 5/4/21 15/4/22 – 18/4/22 7/4/23 – 10/4/23
29/3/24 – 1/4/24
April school holidays 3 6/4/21 – 18/4/21 9/4/22 – 14/4/22 11/4/23 – 23/4/23
19/4/22 – 22/4/22
Anzac Day long weekend 3 23/4/21 – 25/4/21 23/4/22 – 25/4/22
WA Day long weekend 3 5/6/21 – 7/6/21 4/6/22 – 6/6/22 3/6/23 – 5/6/23
July School Holidays 3 3/7/21 – 18/7/21 2/7/22 – 17/7/22 1/7/23 – 16/7/23
Queen’s Birthday (WA) long weekend 3 25/9/21 – 27/9/21 24/9/22 – 26/9/22 23/9/23 – 25/9/23
September / October school holidays 3 28/9/21 -10/10/21 27/9/22 – 9/10/22 26/9/23 – 8/10/23
Christmas and New Year period 5 22/12/21 – 5/1/22 22/12/22 – 5/1/23 22/12/23 – 5/1/24
December / January school holidays (incl Australia Day long weekend) 3 17/12/21 – 21/12/21 16/12/22 – 21/12/22 15/12/23 – 21/12/23
6/1/22 – 30/1/22 6/1/23 – 31/1/23 6/1/24 – 30/1/24
Labour Day (WA) long weekend 3 5/3/22 – 7/3/22 4/3/23 – 6/3/23 2/3/24 – 4/3/24

If a booking start date is before a Peak Period but extends into a Peak Period, that stay will be deemed to be all in a Peak Period. Similarly, if a booking start date commences during a Peak Period and extends beyond the end of a Peak Period, that stay will be deemed to be all in a Peak Period.

Non Peak Periods are all dates outside of the above Peak Period date ranges and have 2 minimum nights of stay.


These Terms and Conditions generally deal with Bookings made either direct through Karma Chalets’ office or via the online Book Now booking facility through our Website

For these Bookings:

  • If the time between the dates of reservation and arrival is less than 30 days, full payment is required at the time the reservation is made;
  • For bookings made more than 30 days before arrival:

o   Deposit for first night’s stay is payable at the time the reservation is made; and

o   Balance payable 30 days before the arrival date.

Karma Chalets accepts payment by credit card, debit card or bank transfer (BSB: 036180 Account No: 209788) but does reserve the right to not accept credit or debit cards in certain circumstances and may insist that payment is made by bank transfer only.

At the time of making the Booking, the Guest will be asked what method of payment they are using. If payment is to be by credit or debit card, the Guest is asked to provide their card’s details for the purposes of:

  • making the initial deposit for the first night’s stay;
  • paying the balance owing 30 days before arrival;
  • full payment at the time of Booking where the reservation is made within 30 days of the date of arrival;
  • payment of extra charges; and
  • confirming the Guest booking in is the person who made the payment by sighting the credit or debit card physically.

The provision of this card information will be treated by Karma Chalets as the authority to charge the Guest’s credit or debit card at the time of Booking for the 1st night’s stay or the full value of the Booking if the time between booking and arrival is 30 days or less. Karma Chalets will contact the Guest 30 days before arrival to receive authorisation to charge the balance owing on the Booking using the same credit or debit card first used to obtain the deposit. If there is no response after 3 attempts by telephone and / or email to contact the Guest, the Booking will be cancelled immediately and the 1st night’s deposit will not be refunded. If the Guest wishes to change the credit or debit card to be used for making any payment, they should contact Karma Chalets immediately.

Please be aware that should a refund of any advance payment by credit or debit card be granted by Karma Chalets, this refund will only be made to the original credit or debit card used by the Guest to make the advance payment. If this is not acceptable to the Guest, then the advance payment needs to be by bank transfer to the bank account described earlier in this paragraph.

Payment by cash in Australian currency is only accepted at the time of arrival for extra charges.


Please refer to our Cancellation Policy


Cancellation by a Guest more than 30 days prior to arrival will result in a refund of any deposit paid less an administration charge of $50.00

A cancellation by a Guest within 30 days of arrival will result in a penalty of 100% of the booking amount and forfeiture by the Guest of amounts paid. If the vacancy created by the cancellation is subsequently fully filled (with a Booking value equivalent to the original Booking), and the replacement guest completes their full period of stay, a partial or full refund (which will depend on the value of the replacement booking) will be issued less an administration charge of $AU50.00

A cancellation by Karma Chalets of a Booking, as a result of non-payment by a Guest when requested to do so, will result in any deposit paid being forfeited and not refunded.


There will be no special refund consideration given in respect to cancellations arising as a result of the re-imposition of travel borders within Western Australia or from the closure of the Western Australian interstate border to any or all other States as result of a determination made by the Western Australian Government to stop the spread of Covid-19 to this State. Similarly, when international travel re-commences, no special consideration will be given to cancellations as a result of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are no waivers of the cancellation policy to accommodate air flights delayed or cancelled, death of family members and general medical issues including implications arising from Covid-19.


Extra charges will be raised and payable to Karma Chalets directly at check in for:

  • Late check in fee $30;
  • Extra Guests arriving not included in the original Booking;
  • Changes to bed configurations different to that booked – $20 per bed;
  • Staying extra nights if available.

During a Guest’s stay, additional charges will be raised and payable direct to Karma Chalets for:

  • Additional linen or towels provided excluding fresh towels provided mid stay for Guests staying 5 nights or more;
  • Additional supplies of soap, shampoo, toilet paper, tea and coffee requested;
  • Requesting a late check-out after 10am on the date of departure – $30

If any of the following occur during a Guest’s stay, the Guest’s credit or debit card will be charged after the Guest’s departure, and without prior notice or an invoice issued, for:

  • A late check out not notified to Karma Chalets – $30;
  • Additional beds used but not booked – $20 per bed
  • Extra cleaning required due to the chalet being left in an untidy state and/or dirty dishes are left on the sink or put back in the cupboard;
  • Damage to the chalet;
  • Broken or stolen equipment, furniture, crockery, appliances.


Our chalets are equipped with kitchens and laundry facilities are provided in your chalet or on site.

The chalets are not serviced daily although a service is arranged for guests staying 7 nights or more.

Fresh towels are provided mid stay for guests staying 5 nights or more. An initial supply of amenities including soap, shampoo, toilet paper, tea and coffee are provided.


We love animals but, in the interest of all guests and with regard to the safety of your pet and the small native animals that live in our forest, we are strictly unable to allow pets to accompany you on your holiday.

This does not apply to Accredited Medical Need Dogs (Guide/Assistance dogs, i.e. for Autism, physical disabilities, etc) whom are most welcome.

Guests who do bring a pet onto our accommodation sites, apart from Medical Needs Dogs, will be asked to leave immediately and no refund will be made.


Guests need to check the bedding configuration in their reservation to ensure it is correct – otherwise a fee will be raised for any changes required by the Guest.


Our chalets may not be suitable for small children due to their construction style.

Children are most welcome but parents will need to supervise them at all times. Stair guards are available upon request.

Child prices are charged for children from 2 to 12 years of age inclusive.


Karma Chalets is a tranquil property, and in the interests of the enjoyment of that peace and quiet by all guests, we have a policy of no loud noise or music beyond 10.00 pm.